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In the hospital

This page is dedicated to all of Carter's surgery's and Hospitalizations. Please be aware that the images on this page might be hard to look at.

On September 14, 2005 Carter had open heart surgery to correct his heart defects; transposition of the great vessels, vsd, and coartation of the aorta. He was just 21 days old.
On September 20, 2005 Carter went on ECMO, a machine that oxygenated his blood for him, 15 days later he came off ECMO. While on ECMO Carter's hands turned black due to lack of blood flow to the extremities(fingers/toes) this is common while on the Eppy drip and ECMO.
The right side of Carter's heart is stiff and was not pumping enough blood through his heart, so on October 5, 2005 Carter went to the Cath Lab for an ASD. The ASD is a doctor made hole in his heart which allows some blood to pass through instead of being pumped through.
Through out Carter's stay in the CVRU his weight fluctuated a lot. He was constantly gaining fluids and then losing them. Carter had 7 chest tubes, and pace maker wires while he was in the CVRU. He also went on dialysis. Carter had many procedures while in the CVRU, one of which his stomach was cut open to look for internal bleeding.
On November 28, 2005 Carter got a G-Tube, a feeding tube that goes into his stomach.
Carter finally got to go home on December 23rd.

On February 17, 2006 Carter had an out patient procedure, he got a Mic-Key Button. A Mic-Key Button is a long term feeding tube port. Instead of having a tube attached to him Carter has this button which we hook a tube up to, to feed him. We were able to remove the Mic-Key button at home in September 2006.

On August 11, 2009 Carter went to the Cath Lab to try and close his ASD. Most of his veins had scar tissue so they we unable to get where they wanted to get.
September 21, 2009 Carter went back to the Cath Lab for a Transapatic Cath (they went go in through the liver) to close the hole in his heart with a metal device.

On December 6, 2009 Carter got really sick. The pediatrician told us he had a virus, but we knew he was getting worse so on the 8th we took Carter to the emergency room and found out he had Bacterial Meningitis. We were very lucky we didn't listen to our pediatrician who told us to just let the virus run it's course. Needless to say we no longer see that doctor. It took over a week to get over the meningitis but then Carter got a Staph infection and we had to assume his device in his heart was infected we were in the hospital until January 2, 2010 and sent home with a PICC line and had to do IV med's at home for a month.


9/13/05 the day before surgery


9/14/05 Day of surgery

9/26/05 Carter went on ECMO on 9/20

10/9/05 getting puffy, Carter came off ECMO on 10/4 and got and ASD on the 5th


11/7/05 no more breathing tube

11/28/05 most of the black on Carter's hands healed except on 2 fingers


11/28/05 Carter got his G-Tube

11/28/05 Carter was running out of good veins so they put a IV in a vein in his head


12/9/05 They made a brace for Carter's hands so he would not keep pulling on his thumb

12/9/05 Santa came to visit Carter while he was in the hospital


12/13/05 Going Home

2/14/06 it took some time but the dead part of Carter's fingers fell off


2/17/06 Carter got a Mic-Key button in place of his
G-Tube. It's smaller and used for long time use


9/9/06 No more feeding tubes!

8/11/09 Cath Lab to close Carter's ASD. This one was not successful.

9/21/09 Tranapatic Cath Lab to close Carter's ASD. This one was successful


12/13/09 Starting to feel better after having meningitis.

1/6/10 Carter came home on med's for a month and a half through a PICC Line.



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